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Created to be an all-encompassing body for everything audio - from simple edits to full production - we're here to help keep you from drowning in the WAVs.

Each of our team members has studied their craft for years!

With team members hailing from New York University, and the University of Miami, we're well-equipped to consult, produce, record, edit, mix, and master your projects!

No request is too small, no task is too large!

Our Services

Audio Editing

Transforming songs to fit your vision. Whether it be for a dance, project, class, or casual listening.

Audio Production

Creating and producing a piece of music specifically tailored to your needs.

Audio Consulting

Studio construction, acoustic treatment, or equipment setup.


Recording vocals, instruments, or any sounds you may need for a sample pack, album, or personal use.


Blending every part of a recording to sound clean and artistic.


Polishing your tracks to make them acoustically consistent.

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